Water Absorbing Sandless Sand Bag

H2OLD WaterBloc bags are heavy-duty non-woven fabric bags bags containing environmentally friendly Super-Absorbant polymer granules. H2OLD Flood Barrier bags weigh less than 18 oz. dry and will absorb up to 40 lbs. of water in just 3-5 minutes...then easily stack in place.

Ideal For

  • Flood Control Barriers – Replacing Heavy Traditional Sand Bags
  • Absorbing and Removing Standing Water and Spills
  • Erosion Control
  • Winter Traction Weight in Truck Beds
  • Construction Sites
  • Sign Stand Weight Bags
  • After Use...Mix Polymer Gel with Soil Around Trees, Shrubs, and Plant Roots to Reduce Water Requirements
  • Water Flow Directional Control

H2OLD WaterBloc Advantages:

  • Eliminates Filling and Carrying Filled Sand Bags
  • Light Weight Bags Require No More Storage Than Empty Sand Bags
  • Rapid Response Time Reduces Potential Flood Damage
  • 5 Year Shelf Life...Re-Useable

Directions For Use:

  1. Place H2OLD bags in water (container, stream, river, pond, etc.) and submerge. H2OLD bags will expand to 35-45 lbs. in 3-5 minutes. To speed absorption shift and squeeze bag under water.
  2. Set H2OLD bags in place. Set bags in alternating directions with a wide base.

Household Uses

Driveway or Garage Door Barrier 24 bags
Exterior Door or Window Wall 12 bags
Four Gallon Spill 1 bag

WaterBloc Quantity Calculator

Barrier Height WaterBloc Bags Required
for 100 Lineal Feet (27.9 M)
1’ (.28 M) 400 - 600 bags
2’ (.56 M) 1200 - 1400 bags
3’ (.84 M) 2400 - 2800 bags

After Use:

  1. Allow to dry in sun. H2OLD bags will shrink as they dry over a 30 day period. Store bags for re-use up to 5 times
  2. Polymer gel can be tilled into soil or blended with soil around trees, shrubs and plant roots... reducing water requirements up to 50% and improve nutrient uptake.
  3. Disposal: Deactivate polymer gel with a 10-15% salt solution spray and dispose of bag.