Q) How much water will a WaterBloc bag absorb?
A) A single H2Old WaterBloc bag will absorb more than 5 gallons of water creating a firm, stable gel. WaterBloc bags will weigh from 45-50 lbs.

Q) How Do H2Old WaterBloc bags work?
A) WaterBloc bags contain a special Super Absorbent Polymer that can absorb and retain up to 400 times its weight in water and other water based fluids. Water passes through the heavy-duty, non-woven fiber bag and activates the “water craving” polymer. The polymer granules absorb the water and swell creating a firm gel.

Q) How long will it take for a WaterBloc bag to reach its capacity?
A) A WaterBloc bag will begin absorbing water in about 2-3 minutes and reach its capacity of over 5 gallons of water in 3-5 minutes.

Q) Can a WaterBloc bag be used more than once?
A) WaterBloc bags can be allowed to dry and reused more than 5 times.

Q) How long does it take for a WaterBloc bag to completely dryout?
A) Waterbloc bags can be sun dried and stored for reuse. The length of time it takes for a WaterBloc bag to dry depends on factors such as temperature and humidity. Typically 2-4 weeks.

Q) What is the best way to dispose of a WaterBloc bag?
A) WaterBloc bags can be deactivated with a simple table salt-water solution (10-15%). Spray the bags or pour the salt water on to the bags until saturated. The salt in the water will break down the chemical bond of the H2Old Super Absorbent Polymer changing the gel to water.

Q) Will H2Old WaterBloc bags absorb salt water?
A) H2Old Super Absorbent Polymer is a cross-linked sodium polyacrylate that has limited absorption capacity for salt water. The use in a salt water Environment is not recommended.

Q) Is the Super Absorbent Polymer in WaterBloc bags safe?
A) H2Old Super Absorbent Polymer is perfectly safe and is environmentally friendly. The Super Absorbent Polymer gel can be flushed into storm drains with no harmful effects to the environment, aquatic life, or humans.

Q) How long can H2Old WaterBloc bags be stored before use?
A) The H2Old Super Absorbent Polymer in WaterBloc bags can be stored for 5 years or more.