Super Water-Absorbing Bags

H2OLD REDI•SORB Super Water-Absorbing Bags are heavy-duty, 23"x16", non-woven fabric bags containing environmentally friendly, biodegradable, Super-Absorbant polymer granules. H2OLD REDI•SORB bags absorb more than 300 times their weight in water. One 9 oz. bag will absorb 4 gallons (33 lbs.) of water in just 3-5 minutes.

Ideal For

  • Flood Control Barriers – "Sandless Sand Bags"
  • Absorb and Remove Standing Water
  • Absorb Spills and Leaks
  • Plumbing and Irrigation Leaks
  • Baseball Diamonds, Soccer Fields, Football Fields


Directions For Use As A Sandless Sand Bag:

  1. Place REDI•SORB™ bag in water (container, stream, river). REDI•SORB™ will expand up to 33 lbs in 3-5 minutes. To speed absorption shift and squeeze bag under water.
  2. Set REDI•SORB™ bags in place. Set bags in alternating directions with a wide base.

Directions For Absorbing:

  1. Shake bag to evenly distribute the Super Absorbent Polymer granules then place REDI•SORB™ in the middle of theaffected area.
  2. REDI•SORB™ will absorb available water up to
    4 gallons in 3-5 minutes. To speed absorption
    roll bag in the water.


  1. Do not use in saltwater applications.
  2. Water with high salt content will reduce the REDI•SORB™ absorption capacity.
  3. Store unused bags in plastic bag in dry area.
  4. Limit exposure of fully absorbed bag to UV light.

After Use:

  1. Polymer gel can be tilled into soil or blended with soil around trees, shrubs and plant roots, reducing water requirements up to 50% and improving nutrient uptake.
  2. Disposal: Deactivate polymer gel with a 10-15% table salt & water solution and dispose of bag.