Q) How long does it take for Flash Patch to cure (harden)?:
A) The special UV Activated resin used in Flash Patch is dependent on sunlight or UV light to cure. The more intense the light the quicker it will cure. In direct sunlight Flash Patch will harden in as little as 5 minutes. In low-light situations it can take up to 50 minutes to fully cure. UV flashlights can also be used to activate and cure Flash Patch.

Q) Do I have to use the entire patch all at once?
A) No. Flash Patch can be cut to size and the remaining patch can be placed back in the black pouch for future use. It is important to not expose the patch to direct sunlight while cutting the patch to size.

Q) Is there any special surface preparation required prior to applying the Flash Patch?
A) The surface should be clean and dry before application.

Q) Is Flash Patch waterproof?
A) Yes, Flash Patch is permanently waterproof and can be used to repair boats, pipes, tanks, pools, culverts, etc

Q) Can Flash Patch be sanded and painted?
A) Yes, Flash Patch can be sanded and painted once it is fully cured. Typically within an hour after application.

Q) Can Flash Patch be applied in cold temperature?
A) Flash Patch can be applied down to -40 degrees F.

Q) Can Flash Patch be used on hot surfaces?
A) Flash Patch is heat resistant and will not degrade at temperatures up to 390 degrees F. It is ideal for use on radiators, mufflers, pipes and hot water tanks.

Q) Do gloves need to be worn when using Flash Patch?
A) No, Flash Patch is non-toxic and is not harmful to the skin.