H2Old BaseGel is an innovative, patent pending, Super Absorbent Polymer that effectively replaces sand or water as ballast weight for portable base supports. BaseGel's cross-linked polyacrylate polymer absorbs up to 400 times it's weight in water...creating a firm, stable gel that will last up to 7 years.

BaseGel Is Ideal For

  • Basketball Goal Portable Bases
  • Umbrella Stands
  • Poolside Volleyball Nets & Basketball Goals
  • Traffic Barriers

H2OLD BaseGel Advantages

  • Absorbs more than 40 gallons of water making a firm,
    stable gel
  • Freeze-thaw durable for use in any climate
  • Mold resistant
  • Resists leaks if small holes or cracks develop in base

Application Instructions:

  1. Add approximately 2/3 of the dry BaseGel polymer into the portable base.
  2. Using a garden hose, fill the base 1/2 full with water.
  3. Add remaining BaseGel polymer and fill base with water, leaving approximately 1/2” of air space.
  4. The BaseGel polymer will absorb the water in 5-10 minutes creating a firm gel.
  5. To Remove: Flush base with water and rinse into storm drain. Gel can be deactivated with a simple tabel salt & water solution.